design : Hiroyuki IKEUCHI
size : W.520 x D.320 x H.1225
material : hard maple, russian birch plywood

The perception of a form changes with its scale: if it’s small, you might call it a
dot, but once it gets bigger, you think of it as a surface. The same goes for lines. Nobody would consider a thread to be a surface, unless it’s thick enough to reveal its surface texture.
«phase» is made out of 4 mm thick veneer plates that form a surface in the shape of a line, functioning as the material for both the structure of the whole
and its joints. The line-shape of the structure is accentuated by solid wood that supports the veneer plates from both sides of the cross section. The table top for small objects is a surface when seen from above, yet is perceived as a line
from when viewed from the side, thanks to the thinness of the material.
« phase » questions the perception of the observer by putting the moment of transition from a line to a surface into focus.


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