RIPPLE table/wall organizers

table/wall organizers
design : Hiroyuki IKEUCHI+ DESIGN SOIL
size :
Type WW / W.235 x D.60 x H.150
Type WT / W.80 x D.140 x H.195
Type R / W.130 x D.76 x H.34
Type S / W.80 x D.81 x H.38
material : black cherry, hard maple, walnut, mountain cherry, marble, slate

When a paper is sandwiched between two matching surfaces, it traces the
sandwiching surfaces’ and extends their shape into the space. Now if the sandwiching surfaces are curved, then paper is also shaped into a curved
surface and creates a strong structure. Ripple is a series of solids that not only act as paper weight, but also are using this phenomenon, being pairs of
matching solids, to turn paper sheets into stiff surfaces functioning as trays, vases or little shelves.


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