Desk light

A hole restricts objects to pass through when the objects are bigger than the hole.CRANE is a desk light aimed at this theorem.An elliptical shaped arm, which is connected to the head and base, allows you to change the angle of the light smoothly as tracing a surface of the arm.

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PEEK shelf
size : W.1500 x D.380 x H.615,1020,1425
material : ash, neodymium magnetic sheets, steel panels

PEEK is a shelf with some blinds so that you can put objects on the shelf out of sight.With blinds, you can hide part of the object on it.

You cannot tell what the object is exactly, while likely catching a glimpse of the object part such as its head or hip.

With neodymium magnetic sheets placed in cut-ends of the shelf board, thin steel panels can be easily fixed and removed for blinding. Further, it is flat packed and you can fix shelf boards as many as you want.

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PIN chair
size : W.420 x D.463 x H.697 (SH425)
material : beech, fabric

PIN is a chair with main components like legs and backrest connected to a single joint material.Since every structure of joints is placed on the back of the seat, you would feel it is a visually light and comfortable.

Seating and the backrest are made by the same mold as the one made for front and hind legs; therefore, the chair consists of 3 types and 5 pieces of parts including joint materials.

Each part is connected by bolts and can be flat-packed.

Crafted with the following in mind: How to cut down transporting and manufacturing costs while exploring a possibility of product

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