PROP shelf

design : Hiroyuki IKEUCHI + DESIGN SOIL size : W.520 x D.270 x H.1,400
material : BIRCH, PLYWOOD

Reduction of a distribution cost is one of the most important matters to be considered in furniture industry today.
As well as trying to reduce package size, it has become a usual practice that
furniture pieces are delivered and assembled at home.
What I major which is assembled and story behind its design themselves are also intended to be enjoyed with feelings of surprise and pleasure.
“PROP” is a shelf stand which has high yet stable structure having a casual
silhouette. Two bars and a shelf part are jointed to create a solid triangular structure on the both sides of each shelf. All the parts are supported each other from the three different directions like conflict elements being reconciled. When load is applied, the power is concentrated in the joint area, which
increases its stability.

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